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Raw Hasan (র. হাসান)

Developer | Other Contributors

I am the developer of GeoRail Bangladesh. Being a seasoned traveler and involved in tourism, I regularly travel to different parts of Bangladesh. While doing so, I always prefer the train if there is one available.

Traveling by train is always my first priority because it is safer than the bus, enjoyable, and less expensive than using a flight. For some places, it is actually the most convenient way to travel there.

While researching about the railway information, I always found it extremely difficult to get. I am sure the other travelers also have a similar experience as mine every day.

I've just recently started to learn how to code. This is because my primary means of earning has been entirely destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic. So I desperately needed a way to make an alternative source of income and choose to learn to code.

On my journey to make a new career as a web developer, I needed to do a project to showcase my newly learned skills in my portfolio. For that, I've decided to build a web-app to provide Bangladesh Railway information in a user-friendly way, which can also help millions of Railway travelers like me. And GeoRail was born.

Currently, this is just a trimmed-down version of my entire plan. I've many more features to include on it in the future, including showing the realtime location of every train in Bangladesh based on the user reports.

I was working full time last 6 weeks on this project, and doing overtime, to manually collect all the data from different sources and building the interface. I'll keep developing the web-app in the coming days in my spare time in between developing my skills in the other areas of programming and working on other projects.

If you have a project in mind to integrate map features or any other functionalities or want to build a user-friendly website, I am available to work on that. Feel free to contact me at rawhasanweb {at} gmail {dot} com.

I hope GeoRail will make your travel a little more enjoyable by providing the railway information in a user-friendly way. And also by giving an excellent geographical idea about the train routes and the stations. If so, it will be my greatest pleasure. Happy travel!

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