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Bangladesh Railway information on the map

Train route, station schedule, and transit suggestion for every trains and stations in Bangladesh, big and small!


Train Routes

Find out the route of every train in Bangladesh on the map, including the following details:

  • Type of carriage the trains are running with (green/white/blue).
  • Every station the trains stop at on the way.
  • Departure time on both directions from every station.
  • Weekly day-off of the trains.
  • Classes on the trains with an explanation of how the facilities are on them.
  • Photo of the classes to know how they look like (will be added soon).
  • Available food on the trains with the price.

Station Schedule

Get the full schedule of every train station in Bangladesh.

  • Trains are grouped by their destinations and sorted by departure time, so it is easy to find all the trains for the destination you are heading to.
  • All trains include their weekly holiday, so easy to know which trains are not running on which days.
  • The station location is shown on the map to give you a good idea about their geographical location in Bangladesh.
  • Included is a photo of all the stations to give a feeling of a virtual visit.

Transit Suggestions

List of all the available trains to travel between two stations.

  • Trains are sorted by their departure time.
  • Includes the trains' weekly holiday, so it is easy to know which trains are not running on which days.
  • Also shown are the return retrains, so convenient to plan the return trip.
  • Select your origin and destination station for a list of all the trains running between them.
  • See both of the stations on the map to have a geographical idea about their location.
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